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Issue No. 2 (August 2003)

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So happily … is the orator’s nature constituted that when he has taken up a cause with eagerness he cannot help believing in it. He envelopes it in an atmosphere of moral sentiments and commonplaces, and, being once possessed with these sublime emotions, he pours them out in the triumphant confidence of a conviction for a moment sincere.

J. A. Froude, reporting Antonius, Carlyle’s Life in London, repr. 1891, II. 404


"Penises are meant for vaginas." Church of England Bishop on "Newsnight". Read full article...

"Gay Love's Fine"

An article by Rev. Dr. Peter Toon. Read full article...

Just War

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Private Prisons

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Kakthanasia: On the Decay of Suicide. Read full article...

Institutions that should be shut down

The first in a new series.
1. The British Council
2. The English Association. Read full article...


Harry Potter's Prose and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. Read full article...


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