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Issues No. 18 and 19 (nominally October 2006 and January 2007)

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Issue 20 was due out April 1 but will delayed until mid-May.
We expect to catch up byat the latestthe October issue .


A Note on Literary Language in Translation or Rouse vs Rieu

Ian Robinson discusses rival translations of Homer Read full article ...

The Song of Songs

Barrie Mencher on the Song of Songs and D. H. LawrenceRead full article ...

"Theory", Philosophy and F. R. Leavis: A Caveat

Richard Stotesbury Read full article ...

Sermon: Trial by Fire

Peter Mullen says the Church of England has lost its mind Read full article ...


Nicholas Somlo sees the Information Age and the Dark Ages side by side Read full article ...

Four Poems

Roger Nash Read ...

Elton John

Some verses by Michael Wallerstein Read ...


That lovely word 'gay' misused by the homophobic community Read in full ...


The importance of style to literary criticism; a reply to Apple Nodham Read in full ...

Later correspondence 1

from Dr Chris Joyce

Later correspondence 2

from Richard Stotesbury

Letters to other journals

Spelling; capital punishment Read in full ...

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